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Cloud-based Data Analytics Platform Protects People and Profit from the Wrath of Mother Nature

Leveraging Microsoft Azure to process massive datasets, new product uses cloud-based analytics and machine learning to anticipate disruptive weather events and quantify their impact on business.

For example, a supply chain manager could quickly see the big picture of which routes and stores would be impacted by unexpected weather.

Delivery routes could be altered to ensure timely completion and marketing teams could re-target product sales. Operations teams could adjust staffing models or move threatened employees to safety.

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions’ D3 Analytics takes the most complete global real-time and historical weather database – including AccuWeather’s unique real-time data sets from around the world with exclusive observations, satellite, and radar – analyzed with third-party and client datasets to uncover new levels of business intelligence through proprietary statistical analytics and predictive modeling.

“AccuWeather D3 Express is designed for developers, business leaders, and individuals who want to make a life-changing difference,” said Rosemary Radich, AccuWeather Head of Business Intelligence. “Microsoft Azure users who integrate AccuWeather’s data – the most complete, accurate, and actionable weather information available globally – into their operational platforms will significantly impact production, distribution, marketing, staffing decisions, and more. Most importantly, developers can help to save lives by having severe and disruption weather information updates in advance to take immediate action.”

Using Dynamic’s Data Monetization Framework, this Software-As-A-Service product was brought from concept to market in three short months.

“Our goal is to help companies bring exciting, innovative data products to the market quicker and more affordably,” says Dynamic Data CEO Rick Oppedisano.  “This engagement proves that, by using our process and platform, companies don’t need armies of developers or DBAs to launch and support new products.”

Dynamic Data provided an end-to-end solution, delivering:

  • Product Functionality Guidance
  • UI/UX Design
  • Application Development
  • Data Architecture
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Ongoing Product Support

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